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New Patients

Choosing a pediatrician for your little one can be overwhelming. We’re happy to provide complimentary prenatal consultations. Call in and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kar, meet the staff and get familiar with our office.


Your baby will automatically be under the mother’s insurance for the first 30 days, so please be sure to bring her card during the first visit.

Contracted Hospitals

Dr. Kar is board-certified and has privileges at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange. If you are delivering at either of these hospitals and have selected him as your pediatrician at the time of delivery, you will be added to his patient list during his rounds.

Vaccine Policy

Dr. Kar wants to help protect all his patients whom he provides care for. In accordance with the AAP policy on vaccines, Dr. Kar firmly believes in vaccinating his patients. While we’re happy to work with families on vaccine schedules, if you choose to not vaccinate your children, we will have to ask you to find a new practice.

What makes us different?

Dr. Kar believes in family centered care. What does that mean exactly? He believes you cannot take care of the baby without taking care of the mother and her overall well-being. With that in mind, we have created stress free environment for moms to feed their children before and after their appointments in our nursing room. Dr. Kar also believes maternal mental health is key in the overall mother baby bonding experience, which is why we screen for maternal depression shortly after delivery and provide resources should they be needed.